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In March 2010, the 1 Utopia Group established its second core pillar; Creative. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary ICT Utopia Sdn. Bhd., we developed an ICT Commerce Enterprise Absolute Market Place at Plaza Low Yat. This is a one-stop centre for complete ICT solutions for end-users, which includes the purchase, upgrade and disposal of ICT gadgetry, as well as ICT event management. ICT Utopia has a number of highly diversified ventures, as listed in this section.


Utopia Lifestyle

This is a sophisticated and first-of-its kind loyalty and rewards programme designed to make spending a joyful experience. Utopia Lifestyle gives consumers exactly what they want, and it’s completely hassle-free; no administrative effort, no joining fees, no cards, and with even greater flexibility in the rewards programme. It is also designed with merchants in mind, with greater cost efficiency and precise consumer targeting.


How It Works

This first-of-its kind rewards system will revolutionise traditional rewards systems in the market. Instead of outdated plastic membership cards, everything happens via the mobile phone. It runs on a state-of-the-art Utopia Lifestyle Mobile Application, coupled with QR Code technology. Members will have access to a wealth of special offers and privileges in categories like IT, food & beverage, travel, fashion, wellness and services. This is simply more rewarding and offers something for everyone.

Members enjoy a unique rewards programme that keeps on rewarding even while loyalty points are being used. These loyalty points are called “Moolah”, and are earned every time a purchase is made at any participating merchant within the Utopia Network. Not only can the “Moolah” be used to offset subsequent purchases, members will be rewarded in return with the same amount of “Moolah” used. This programme serves as more than just an alternate payment. It promotes savings and provides greater value for money, while enhancing your shopping experience in even more ways!




Being a caring corporate citizen, 1 Utopia embarked on a corporate social responsibility initiative in 2011. This is how i-Milik started. It is a crime prevention programme designed to deter the illegal sale of stolen ICT products. In the future, all used ICT products sold in Malaysia will be pre-registered under the i-Milik system, via MyKAD reader and thumbprint scan. All legal aftermarket sales will be accompanied by an i-Milik certificate from the seller, which protects both consumers and dealers from being involved with stolen goods. Products that do not carry the said certification will instantly raise suspicions on the legitimacy of the seller. This will help to stop or mitigate the sale of stolen ICT products in the market.

i-Milik has a centralised repository to store the data on all used ICT product ownership as well as the products’ new ownership after being resold. Registration is done via MyKAD reader and thumbprint verification is required. All information is securely stored in a centralised server.

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